Various job opportunities are available for students in Melbourne. You can work in restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, bars, fruit and vegetable farms, and retail shops, among others.

At Bayside English College, most of our students find a job within the first few weeks of arriving in Melbourne.

To support you in your success, Bayside English College can assist you with the following:
• Preparing your CV
• Navigating job search websites
• Applying for an Australian Tax File Number
• Opening a bank account
• Communicating with potential employers

We can also provide you with information that you need to start looking for jobs.

If you hold a Student Visa, you are generally entitled to work 40 hours every fortnight.



Bayside English College is happy to assist you with arranging your initial accommodation in Melbourne. Several options are available:

Homestays allow you to get to know and experience Australian culture by living with a local family. You will have your own room and receive three meals per day.Check out for more information.

Student Hostel
Bayside has partnered with OZiHOUSE who runs student hostels in Melbourne.

Check out for more information.

Shared Accommodation
Flats, apartments, or houses are available on either short-term or long-term basis. There are many options to choose from that are within walking distance of Bayside College.

Student Welfare

We are always ready and happy to support you in your personal and academic welfare needs. We can also provide you with advice on further study options in Australia.

Given our experience of over 10 years, our staff members have extensive experience in helping students deal with different issues.

Our counsellors can also help you with various aspects of life such as:

• Academic concerns
• Employment
• Accommodation
• Bank Account opening

Book a personal appointment with any of our staff members, including the Student Services Officer or the Director of Studies.

We are all happy to help you!