Do you want to:

  • experience real test conditions, including the 1:1 Speaking Test
  • know your current score by IELTS standards?
  • receive individual feedback and advice from IELTS experts?

You’re in the right place! Take a practice IELTS test with us and find out your current level and how to improve it.

Our practice tests are conducted using authentic IELTS test materials, under test conditions, and are supervised and assessed by our IELTS experts. You receive your scores*, personalised feedback and advice within 3 business days. Our experts have been helping people achieve their IELTS goals for over 10 years. We can help you too.



9-10am: Writing

10-11am: Reading

11:15am-12pm: Listening

12pm+: Individual Speaking tests (You will be advised of your appointment time on test day)


*Please note that test scores are an indication only and cannot be used as official IELTS results.



Full test: $70

Half-test: $50

IELTS full practice test - Melbourne