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Writing and Speaking: Google is your friend!

tips for IELTS from Bayside experts

“I don’t know anything about ….”  We hear this all the time from test takers. No need to panic!

Whatever the topic is; GM food, anorexia, factory farming – someone has already thought about it, written about it, spoken about it. If you can’t do an IELTS preparation course, you can use Google to find ideas for essays and to read up on topics you’re unfamiliar with. Remember, you don’t need original ideas in the exam – but you do need ideas.

Tip: Use “The Age”, “The Guardian” or “BBC” in your Google search to find relevant, high-quality articles. Choose 1 or 2 articles and read for ideas but also for vocabulary chunks that you could use in your writing and speaking tests.


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Written by a Bayside IELTS expert

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