1 to 12 weeks
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We specialise in IELTS exam preparation. You will be taught by highly qualified teachers with many years' experience teaching and examining IELTS.

The course focuses on developing strategies and techniques for the IELTS exam and improving your scores in all 4 aspects of the test: speaking, writing, reading and listening. It is apropriate for both the Academic and General Test modes.


From 9:00am to 1:15pm


The minimum entry level requirement for the IELTS exam preparation course is IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.



Skills development

Each week the course includes:

  • Topic development, analysis of common IELTS issues with intensive topic-based vocabulary building
  • Speaking skills development and discussion with the opportunity to practice 1:1 with your teacher
  • Writing skills development including task analysis, planning, writing and editing.
  • Reading skills development including skimming and scanning, exam strategies and time management.
  • Listening skills development including exam strategies, spelling and listening for main idea, details and opinions.
  • Practice tests and individual feedback.


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